Music Analysis with Paul Dell Aquila • Semester Topics

Assigned Reading, Homework Schedule, and Class Agenda

University of Louisville Music 347 Semester Topics

Analytical Methods, Procedures, and Symbols


Introduction to Music Analysis:

Restatement, Variation, and Contrast

Form versus Genre

Comprehensive Style Analysis:

Jan LaRue’s SHMRG Style Analysis

Top-Down Segmentation

Analytical Symbols:

Symbols for Graphic Representation of Form

Roman Numerals, Figured Bass, and Chord Symbols Review


Phrases and Phrase Members
Phrase Contour
Important Events in the Phrase (Beginning, Ending, High, and Low Notes)
Periodic Phrases and Fortspinnung (Perpetuum Mobile Phrases)
Sentence Structure
Compound Melody


Types of Cadences
Relative Strength of Cadences

Phrase Expansion, Development, and Connection

Function of Musical Units (Introductory, Expository, Transitional, Developmental, and Terminal)
Phrase Introduction (Prefix: Intros and Preludes)
Phrase Interpolation
Phrase Extension (Suffix: Codettas, Codas, and Postludes)
Phrase Connection Using Elision and Overlap

Motives and Motivic Variation

Clara Schumann

Single and Compound Motives
Rhythmic and Melodic Motives
Basic Motivic Variation Techniques
Symbolic Motives (Leitmotif)

Writing about Music

Writing Analytical Papers and Essays
Writing Program Notes

Phrase Structures (Phrases in Combination)

The Period:

Modulating and Nonmodulating Periods

Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Periods

Parallel and Contrasting Periods

The Phase Group
The Phrase Chain
The Double Period

Binary Form

Sectional and Continuous Binary
Two-Reprise Binary
Simple Binary
Balanced Binary
Rounded Binary and Incipient Ternary
Bar Form
Binary Form and the Baroque Dance Suite

Ternary Form

Simple Ternary Form:

Sectional and Continuous Ternary

Full Sectional Ternary

AABA Popular Song Form

Composite (Compound) Ternary Form:

Composite Ternary Form in Instrumental Music (Minuet/Scherzo and Trio)

Composite Ternary Form in Vocal Music (Da Capo Aria)

Text and Music Relations

German Lieder:

Strophic Song

Through-Composed song

Text (Word) Painting
The Metrics of Prose and Music


The Rondo

Introduction to the Rondo
Early Development of the Rondo (The Rondeau)
Classical Rondo:

Short Rondo (Five-Part Rondo)

Long Rondo (Seven-Part Rondo)

Sonata Form (Sonata Principle)

Introduction to Sonata Form
Sonatina (Miniature Sonata)
Classical Sonata
Various Sonata Related Techniques:

Mono-Thematic Sonata

Sonata with Introduction

False Recapitulation

Sonata without Development

Sonata-Rondo Form

Sonata-Rondo Design

Assigned Reading, Homework Schedule, and Class Agenda

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