Graduate Music Theory Review with Paul Dell Aquila • Semester Topics

Assigned Reading, Homework Schedule, and Class Agenda

Carl Maria von Weber

University of Louisville Music 400 Semester Topics

Tonal Structure and Review of Analytical Symbols

Diatonic Chords of the Major and Minor Modes Review
Roman Numerals, Chord Symbols, and Figured Bass Review
Basic Harmonic Progressions (The Phrase Model)
Harmonic Contextual Analysis
Harmonic Expansion: Prolongation and Elaboration

Secondary Dominant Chords

Nonessential and Essential Chromaticism
Non-Chord Tones (NCTs) Review
Part Writing Seventh Chords Review
Writing and Analyzing Secondary Dominant Chords

Secondary Leading-Tone Chords

Part Writing Leading-Tone Chords Review
Writing and Analyzing Secondary Leading-Tone Chords
Principles of Voice Leading Review

Common-Chord Modulation

Tonicization and Modulation
Key Relationships
Writing and Analyzing Common-Chord Modulations

Other Modulatory Techniques

The Guitar Player

Using Secondary Functions for Modulation
Sequential Modulation
Common-Tone Modulation
Chromatic Mediant Relationships
Monophonic Modulation
Direct Modulation

The Neapolitan Chord

Conventional Use of the Neapolitan Chord

Mode Mixture

Borrowing from Major for Use in Minor
Borrowing from Minor for Use in Major
Using Mode Mixture Chords in Modulations

Augmented Sixth Chords

The Interval of the Augmented Sixth
Italian, French, and German Augmented Sixth Chords
Notating Augmented Sixth Chords
Other Uses, Types, and Resolutions of Augmented Sixth Chords


Enharmonic Spelling for Convenience
Enharmonic Reinterpretation
Enharmonic Modulation Using Major-Minor Seventh Chords
Enharmonic Modulation Using Diminished-Seventh Chords

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

Altered Dominant Chords

The Dominant with a Substituted 6th
The Dominant with a Raised 5th

Extended Chords and the Common-Tone Diminished 7th

Extended Tertian Sonorities (9th, 11th, and 13th Chords)
The Common-Tone Diminished 7th Chord

Chromatic Sequence

Review of Diatonic Sequence
Chromatic Sequence
Omnibus Sequence

Assigned Reading, Homework Schedule, and Class Agenda

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